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It has always fascinated me how many forms of expression a picture can have depending on the situation, location of the room, the light's angle and intensity.

For me it was the advent of the digital single-lens reflex camera, a turning point in my options, the practical - economic, to train and learn more about visualization, art that could perpetuate what one sees in the world that surrounds us.

A large part of the learning process is given through experience, craft - "learning by doing".
The ability to craft shows up quickly when we need to perpetuate a situation. Many unique motifs exist in a split
second and does not provide much time to immerse themselves or think long over a manual setting of the camera.

It is my hope that my photos expresses the joy I have in the photo's many opportunities to catch a moment in time,
and that my images will give others a value in the form of a good visual experience.

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To my prices may be the lowest possible, there is not an inventory of the Foto Art.
Printing with graphic artist happens only after a booking.
Standart size is A3-format.

The time from ordering to delivery depends on my supplier of graphic press. Delivery will always happen as soon
as possible. Delivery to EU and the United States could be expected to occur within 1-3 weeks from order.
An email shall be sent when the order is sent.

Please remember to payment to provide invoice number, name, address and telephone number.

The quality of the sold Photo art
Images selected from Picture-database will be printed on thin paper which is special suitable to reproduce and
preserve the colours razor sharp from the original photo images, which have a very high pixel resolution.
The selected paper is chosen on the basis of objective criteria about paper quality and genuine version.

Please follow the following steps:

  1. Send an email to when ordering, including information concerning your name and address.
    NB! Remember to indicate number/numbers on picture selection from the Picture-database.
  2. When the order is received submit Your Eyes First an email with information about expected transmission date,
    and invoice amount. Please check whether the picture selection from the Picture-database is correct.
  3. Please check your order before payment of the invoice. Any errors or changes please notified in writing via mail,
    and new invoice will be sent.
  4. Payment can be made via Internet banking to the bank account indicated on the invoice.
    Important! Always remember to provide invoice number upon payment.
  5. When Your Eyes First has received the invoice amount, the order goes into production.
  6. Mail shall be sent when the order is processed.
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The price for photographic art including transmission in Denmark* and European Union:
1 PCs Photo Art, always with original signature in A3-format: 100.00 danish kr.

Offer: When you purchase more than 1 paragraph Photo Art is given a 10% discount on the total order!

The price for photographic art attributed to porto by transmission to Greenland *, Faroe Islands *
as well as other countries than the above:

1 PCs Photo Art, always with original signature in A3-format: Please send a query and I'll give a quote.

Be completely clarified by the choice of motif and the purchase of Photo Art. Since it is a special manufactured item,
there is no return policy. Are there errors in the item, send me an email, so we can find a solution.

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Responsibility for the purchased photo art is the responsibility of the buyer, including responsibility for any
injuries at all conceivable mishap with the purchased Photo Art.

Right of use and copyright for the purchased Photo Art
Buyer agrees that it is not permitted to reproduce or duplicate the bought Photo Art for their own or others ' use, without acceptance from Your Eyes First.

Buyer agrees that it is not allowed to purchase Photo Art from Your Eyes First for commercial trade in any form
of resale in mind, without a formal approved contract with Your Eyes First.

The buyer has full rights of use of the purchased Photo Art in all media, and are free to resell the original received
Photo Art from Your Eyes First.

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